Using Rsync for Internet Backups

Client-side software – BackupAssist

BackupAssist comes deployed with the necessary Rsync libraries, so no additional software is required.

Server-side software (where you are hosting your data)

You can host your data on any Windows or Linux machine. Additional software is required for Windows machines.

Windows platform – download and installing cwRsyncServer on your data host

cwRsync can be downloaded from our mirror (hosted in PA, USA):

cwRsync Server
Installation Instructions
1. Download cwRsync Server 4.1 and Copssh 4.1 using the download links above
2. Run the cwRsync installer and Copssh Installers
3. Be sure to read our Rsync whitepaper for instructions on setting up a data host.
You can use PuTTY to troubleshoot SSH connection issues.
cwRsync Installer scripts (to meet GPL compliance standards)
Copssh 4.1.0 Installer
cwRsync Server 4.1.0 Installer

Linux platforms

Most Linux distributions contain the prerequisites of a SSH server and Rsync.
Please read our Setting up an Rsync Server guide for more information.


Both BackupAssist and the cwRsync package contains components with following terms of licensing:

ComponentVersionLicensingIn shortPatches
Rsync3.0.7Rsync licenseFree to use (GPL)Download sourcersync
Cygwin and GNU tools1.5.25-15CYGWIN licenseFree to use (GPL mostly)Download source
OpenSSH5.1p1OpenSSH licenseFree to use (BSD)
OpenSSL0.9.8hOpenSSL licenseFree to use (BSD)
cwRsync (the rest!)2.1.5cwRsync licenseFree to use (MIT License)
rsyncrypto1.12GPLFree to use (GPL)Download sourcersyncrypto

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