Protect your Data and Systems with BackupAssist

Your business needs a plan that should disaster strike and you suffer expensive data loss and downtime. As a small and medium business, you need a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that is affordable, reliable, simple, and fast. What does BackupAssist10 have to offer you?

New ‘Cloud Backup’ Job

You can now backup files, folders, and apps to public cloud. Greater redundancy, large file handling, and interruption safeguards—never start disrupted backups from scratch.

New Locations: Azure & AWS

Full Support for Microsoft Azure & AWS (S3) Backup. Creating jobs takes seconds—all you need is an account. “Zero knowledge” encryption and compression, just click and start!

Cloud Data Deduplication

BackupAssist 10 comes with Data Deduplication (Dedupe). With Dedupe, you never send and store two identical pieces of data. This greatly minimizes bandwidth and storage use.

Nested VM Backup

With BackupAssist 10 and Windows Server 2016, you can create, backup and restore Nested VMs; guests that host and run within other guests.

Shielded VM Backup

Defend your data from internal and external threats by creating a Shielded VM—a VM that can’t be booted up on a non-certified host—and then further protect it with an encrypted backup.

Advanced Dynamic Help

Our easy-to-use software has just gotten even easier. In our UI, context-sensitive help is now only just a click away, directly connecting you to our online help depository.

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